A Beautiful Morning & Beyond in the Holy City of Vrindavan, The Land of Radha Rani

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Vrindavan is a holy city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, located ~ 180 km from the National Capital of Delhi. The city is associated with Hindu mythology and is famous for Lord Krishna’s temple, Banke Bihari Temple is the most prominent amongst all.  Vrindavan, the land of Radha Rani, the City of Temples has more than 5000 temples to showcase the pastimes of Radha and Krishna.

How to go

Vrindavan is accessible by all means of transportation, except sea :-). The best way to reach the holy city is to take a bus from Delhi or hire a Taxi. A self-driven car should take around 3-4 hrs to reach through Yamuna Expressway and that’s the best way to reach there. Just in case you are interested to enjoy the old highway as it has some good Dhabas, keep a couple of hrs in the buffer.

Note: Be ready to shell out ~ Rs 400 highway toll if you are the Yamuna Expressway but its worth it.

When to go

The city is accessible throughout the year and temperature is moderate through 6-7 months of the year, it can get extremely hot and cold in respective seasons of the months. A road trip should certainly be avoided in early hours of January and February.


What to see

It all depends on what’s the purpose of your visit, a place must be seen as per individual’s likeness and objective and if none exists, you don’t need to be told what to see. If the whole purpose of your visit is spiritual and getting close to god, just pick one place and sit, it can be any temple of your choice.  The silence even in the rush hour is majestic.  Predominately people visit Seven temples, Thakurs of Vrindavan, the gems of those that have survived to this day.

The busy and narrow lanes will take you to the Banke Bihari Jee Temple, you can see the whole world in these narrow lanes.
An old lady getting ready for the day, the whole world is confined to the 2 ft space.

Sri Radha Madana Mohana Temple | Sri Radha Govinda Temple | Sri Radha Damodar Temple |  Sri Radha Shyamasundara Temple | Sri Radha Ramana Temple | Sri Radha Gokulananda Temple | Sri Radha Gopinatha Temple

The Main Entrance of the Banke Bihari Jee Temple

Other prominent places to visit could be Prem Temple, it’s huge, for a traveler like me, I prefer to be confined to the corridors of Banke Bihari Temple. Highly recommended that you witness the early morning aarti, it’s divine and peaceful.

Note: You are not supposed to click pictures inside the temple, don’t take chances, always follow law of the land. 

What to eat

This happens to be my favorite part of all my travel plans, must do. Vrindavan and the sister city of Mathura are famous for Peda and for all good reasons, it tastes different and really earthy. While everyone may not have sweet tooth, try the street foods of North India, you must ignore unkemptness of the place in order to enjoy. I won’t comment whether it’s hygienic or not.

How many street foods can you see?

My personal favorite is Besan Kaa Chilla, it’s as divine as the holy city itself.  Made right in front of you and as per your choice on the filling, go plain or filled with crores of items :). You can watch the whole preparation on our YouTube Channel.

Besan Kaa Chilla

While the place is famous for milk-based products, the lassi was a total disappointment, but of course, the tea was on point especially when its served in a unique clay pot.

It looks beautiful but doesn’t taste that ways, a lot of water take the flavor away.
The clay post shape is unique and the tea is amazing!

What to avoid

Not everything is perfect everywhere and we must share our experience to avoid such pleasurable experience or rather make an informed decision.

  1. Park your vehicle at the first parking site you see, you never know when you will get stuck in those narrow lanes. Parking is available near the temple but it should be avoided. Park and take an electric taxi to get closer to the temple
  2. Don’t give anything to beggars, one mercy shown and everyone in Vrindavan will know about and they will start chasing. It’s better to donate to an institution of your choice.
  3. Visit in the first half of the day, you will see freshness around, the second half, especially in summer can be tiring.
  4. Be wary of monkey’s, they can steal everything including your phone. Keep everything under wrap or in your pocket.


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