A hike in the village was a great start for Shaurya, he surprised us

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Movement is important for everyone and at his age, he should be running around which he not doing, he has gained weight which worries us hence the need to get him out and test his ability or probably to test his abilities and likeness.

A 4 km walk in the nearby village was an awesome opportunity to expose him to larger schemes of things, we wish to expose him to trekking. This was not difficult but not that easy as well for someone like Shaurya who’s not physically active, but he probably surprised himself. I had a terrible experience of taking him to Deoriatal, the climb was on a horse but he even refused to climb down, had to carry him and this was 2018.

In all likelihood, we still don’t know his capability or what drives him, he enjoyed the whole hiking experience, did not complain once though he did get tired in the last leg, it was a steep climb.

This was the last leg, he already looks tired, followed up was a steep climb but he did it. Location: Near Kasar Devi Temple

The very next we went to Zero Point, that was a small walk but he enjoyed it as well, looks like we know what he likes, maybe he can surprise us more. Next on my list is to get him ready for Nag Tibba trek, let’s hope!

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