A walk around the magnificent Rampuria Haveli in Bikaner

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I was in Bikaner to attend a marriage and to make most of it, I did try to explore the city as much as I can. The city and its tales are so amazing, every time you visit, you will have something new to see or the same things from a new perspective.

While the majority of the time was spent on exploring food, one fine morning I ended up being at Rampuria Haveli, it was 7 AM so the city was asleep or probably getting ready to hit the street, I was just in time. The Rampuria Haveli is in the heart of the city showcases a fascinating mix of Indian and European styles of architecture.


The grandest among all the Havelis in the walled city, Rampuria Haveli is also popularly known as Bhanwar Niwas.

Highly social and leading textile business man of Calcutta  Shri Ratanlal Rampuria was from a very  respectable family. His  ancestors belonged to Rampura in Madhya Pradesh. Ancestor Shri Khimsingh Rampuria who hailed from Rampura (M.P.) came to Bikaner  with the  Maharani of Maharaja Anupsinghji  of Bikaner in Samvat year 1727 (calendar year 1670) to act as  the Chief Accounts Officer of Bikaner State.

The ancestors Haveli known as “RAMPURIA’s HAVELI” is a famed red stone palatial building at Bikaner having beautiful fine carvings  and ornamental work. Its interior is  profusely decorated. It is on the tourist map of Bikaner and attracts a large number of tourists of India and abroad. Shri Hiralalji Rampuria largely contributed to the construction of  the  building – Source:

The main entrance gate of the Haveli, has the name of the owner.

Built in Victorian, Mughal and Rajput architecture and a truly beautiful wooden architecture would give you the richness of the Bikaner culture and its history.

A narrow passage divides two Haveli’s, both are equally grand. The road is extremely busy during the daytime.
Does it look European?
The pictures don’t do justice of the beauty

We could only early morning around the Haveli and got the glimpse of it from the streets, if you have time, do visit the interiors and probably dine like a big billionaire merchant.

Best Time to Visit: If you interested in photography, 7 – 9 A.M is the best time and you wish to the Haveli with hustle bustle, anytime is the best time. If you are driving, you can reach until the Haveli and of the rest of the day, take Taxi, avoid self-drive.

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