According to one estimate, 3,000-5,000 Pandits are left in the valley, a minuscule count with respect to 300,000 Pandits we had

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You can read many haunting stories on the exodus, each one is as painful as the others, people move on but memories never die. It was nothing less ethnic cleansing of local inhabitants, the true citizens of the place.

What happened between 84-90 will be a black spot in humanity.

Press release of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen (HM) published in the morning edition of Urdu Daily ‘Aftab’ of April 01, 1990.

‘Kashmiri Pandits responsible for duress against Muslims should leave the Valley within two days’.

Headlines of Urdu Daily, Al Safa, of April 14, 1990.

‘With Kalashnikov in one hand and Quran in the other, the Mujahids would openly roam the streets singing the Tarana-e- Kashmir.’

So many lives lost, so many dreams shattered, so many became lost root on their head all because they wanted to religion to rule.

We must reclaim what was ours, we must go back from where it started.

Photograph of Kashmiri Pandits taken at Kampasi’s ancestral house in Srinagar, Kashmir, ca. 1895

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