Can Modi have some fun?

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I have an opinion, so do you, I have some personal interest and so do you, why can’t Modi have it ?

This is unlikely to be agreed upon, Modi himself argues of being pradhan sevak, lives for the people of India only so how can he get time to be in a adventure show ?

Modi is all set to appear in a adventure show with Bear Grylls in the Indian wilderness to create awareness about animal conservation & environmental change. This does looks like jumla, a camaflouge name given to Modi’s personal adventure and as a matter of fact, I don’t mind it, he has all rights to fun and in process if he garners more popularity, father reach, it’s good for us.

Critics are all over now and some do sound valid but chill, we will never run out issues, why can’t this man enjoy some adventure. He being the supreme leader is accountable for everything happening in country of our scale but does that mean we just focus on the aspect.

Imagine the impact of this adventure by Modi and may be, I am going overboard.

1. His positioning as a strong and powerful leader will further get stamped, he will be looked at as Mach man who handle the burden of our nation. Remember Putin, we go gaga over his adventures

2. If reports are to believed, he was in Uttarakhand which itself is a great message to world, he could have planned his heroics somewhere else but doing in country generates lots of interest in area, massive tourism inflow for the state. Don’t agree, just look at the count of people visiting Kedarnath after frequent visits by Modi.

3. He is dynamic, not a boring politician for whom politics is all about authority on the others, Modi is changing it, we need politicians to be more relatable. We need dynamic leaders!

4. The promo gives an insight of the terrain and trust me, I am drooling over it. While tourism will get a boost, lots of interest will be generated amongst film makers, I wish to see an adventure movie shot in Uttarakhand.

While this all may not be true or perhaps may be but if Modi’s only objective was to have some fun, I will be equally happy. He has a team to look after affairs, the man can take a break, isn’t it?

Modi Jee, care to speak about some survival tips during Mann Kee Baat ?

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