Can you imagine, WFH is taking a toll on me ?

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I had this deep desire to work from home and would envy people who do it, being in people-driven operations, you don’t have a choice.

It changed, who imagined this could have happened, working from home from last 6 weeks now and I never want it again, it’s taking a toll on me, mentally and physically.

The luxury of convenience is multifold with work from home, I can eat warm food, have saved significant commute time and money on fuel, this is a straight benefit, nothing notional.

Why am I cribbing then, staring at a screen for hours and hours is troubling me, I am missing the chaos of the operations floor, I need that hustle, bustle, I need that noise and this silence all around, being isolated is defeating me.

I wish to go back to an in-person meeting, I want people in front of me, not through the screen. I wish to read their faces, understand the emotions, and navigate through the uneasiness at times. Being connected to people digitally is no substitute for connecting in person.

I equally wish to see that randomness on the streets, people faces, with the reflection of the life they are in, for some to envy and some to feel better. We never imagined this life without people, the robotic society has so far been merely in movies and our imagination, this realty is demeaning.

Get me back to my real life, this is screened life is robotic.

While I can still crib about it, earn my bread, visualizing people whose income has been impacted, lost their livelihoods. I want the normalcy back, can’t accept the new normal.

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