Congress is losing the ground, steadily and repeatedly.

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On the matter of national integration, doubts raised should be doubted and rationality of thinking should be questioned. After reading through Congress press release, it’s quite disappointing to see that the party is still living in denial of the new reality of India.

The statement clearly outlines as if someone crafted by Nehru and the team can’t be modified, times change, people change and India has changed, mistakes of the past will be rectified. Congress does not seem if accept the reality of anyone else driving a change, India is their custody.

Article 370 and its validity have debated and clarified, it was always a temporary provision and changes done by the current government is as per constitutional provisions available. To the point where congress has the question of the mandate of people to drive change, the current government has it through a democratically elected process.

The governments are elected to make decisions on behalf of people on the promises , BJP’s election manifesto had called out abolishing Article 370 and its been delivered, people have already given their mandate.

The sovereignty of India is supreme , beyond any doubts, congress should really be worried and question the government on what they are doing to ensure normalcy in the valley. They must clearly come out strong and ask for provision to drive people to people integration, does the government really have a plan in place ?

Matters of national integration should not be questioned but rather be stamped with inputs, full the gaps, strengthen it.

Only time will tell, if If it’s another lost opportunity, but this was an occasion to rise and stand in unity and congress could have gained some lost ground.

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