Death on Mount Everest, is it man-made or it’s just what it is?

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Mountains 🏔 are a frequent topic in our conversation at home, I love it and my wife is an avid trekker so the discussion is unavoidable. So, what’s really going on with Everest climbers.

A lot has been written, analyses and probably rewritten looks like it’s a combination of planning, control, and readiness, all have a role to play.

It’s plain rubbish to blame Nepal 🇳🇵 government for permits, although the limit must be maintained from an environmental point of view. The responsibility is really with climbers, someone called it right, it’s become a fad and everyone wants that title.

And if you have been to the Himalayas, you would realize, the risk is inevitable, people in mountain fear God, they worship god to protect them from unpredictable.

Risk is inevitable, planning can mitigate some but you acknowledge the risk.

Someone rightly said, for others, it’s climbing Everest and for some, it’s getting close pure enlightenment. Choose what your objective is!

Mountains 🏔 always love you, love them too.

“More than 200 mountaineers have died on the peak since 1922 when the first climbers’ deaths on Mt Everest were recorded. (File photo)”

“ In 2019, The number of deaths on Mt Everest was put at 11 by the international media, making it the deadliest season since 2015. However, the Nepal tourism ministry maintained the death toll at 9.”

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