Everyone is helping him but its not helping him

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Online classes are a new normal along with so many new normal we see, I am terrible at hating this new normal, I don’t even know if I like it or not and do I have a choice.

I am told, online classes are a terrible experience for everyone, not generalizing. I know of kids making the most from it as well, they are born to be brilliant.

We were not ready for it, our homes were not ready, our technology was not ready, yet we have to. While gradually people will start accepting and adopt for kids, online classes will become a new normal for autistic kids is a distant reality.

With Shaurya, we are struggling, yet trying. Children with autism have limited eye contact and this learning is based on the same, not denying, teachers are trying their best but things are getting lost in translation.

He had already been addicted to screen time, on youtube and now these classes have further increased his screen time. I am wondering, no one these days talks about how harmful screen time is for our kids, we are ignoring it.

While this pandemic has pushed to a brim of no return, it has heavily taken a toll on learning and children with autism to have a bigger price to pay. We are looking at the situation of the full semester getting in online classes, a year lost for so many young minds.


While not much can be done, I am trying to introduce him to new processes & programs. This lockdown has given us time to make him independent, he can eat on his own, though at times the lunch takes 2 hours🙂

We have exposed him to yoga, he is liking it but we have not been consistent and I start reciting Bhagwad Gita along with him, asking to pronounce words which I cant, in Sanskrit. Only time will tell if this if any help, but we must keep trying and that too consistent, and that’s where we are failing.

How are you coping or thriving?

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