Getting stuck where the road ends, traumatic experience in Roghi Village

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Not all travel stories are great, you do encounter some terrible experiences as well especially on a long road trip. A small traumatic experience I had on my recent road trip to Spiti valley and I was responsible for it.

After checking in our hotel in Kalpa, we decided to visit Roghi village, it’s the last village on the road, noting beyond that. Roghi village is 8 km away from the town of Kalpa, surrounded by lovely gardens and small muddy houses. The road to Roghi village from Kalpa is extremely dangerous because of curves and deep gauges, it’s motorable though. The ride won’t be too bumpy, in some patches you don’t get road but a majority of the stretch is fine.

On the way to Roghi village, you will encounter suicide point, unlike other suicide made famous by taxi operators across hill stations, this one is indeed dangerous, a look from the edge will give you mild heart attack.

The suicide point on way to Roghi Village

We reached the village around 3 PM, in broad day light and I was supposed to stop at bus stand which I missed, couldn’t figure out, a section of the road itself is a bus stop because at that point the stretch was broad. Being adventurous, I continued my drive towards the village, no one stopped me or rather, I couldn’t see any local who I think would have stopped me. It is a small sleepy village, with a population of 350 in total, you can’t expect too much.

The village is located on edge of a mountain, so you can’t expect a way out further. I was stuck, getting my car to turn was impossible and driving it in reverse gears was way too tricky, one simple miss and you are in deep trouble. After making a couple of attempts, I started sweating and with no help in sight, it was turning out to be my worst nightmare. I got my family out of the car and starting making more unsuccessful attempts, I was certain that my brand new XUV 500 will get dents.

Someone is always watching you, a majority of times it is god and sometimes, your savior on earth, mine came after 15-20 min of struggle. A local resident came up offering help and I gladly surrendered my car, his reverse driving was almost made it like a no event, I meant he was literally clean in his drive. I had two people helping me, was looking at the camera, stepping out to check and this man comes, make it as easy as if he was playing with hot wheels car.

Mr. Negi, my savior for the day!

Finally, my mind and car were put to ease, I thanked the man for all his help and as expected, these pahadee’s way too sweet, he simply smiled and off course absolutely no scratch or dent and we did offer some compensation for his hard work which he politely declined.  I have posted a video of this situation on YouTube.

I carried on my walk through Roghi Village, it was spectacular. Quick conversations with local residents tell me, in the afternoon, village is usually quite, people are out working in town or in fields and it’s really busy early morning and evening. Everything is closed during the day, the post office also operates in morning and evening, makes sense.

An evening in Roghi Village will be awesome, travel reason for next time!

Old Lakshmi Narain temple, a new one is being constructed right in front of it.

We have captured a detailed story of our journey here  , a vlog video for this journey is captured on youtube, don’t forget to subscribe.


Author: Manish Singh

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