Gue Village, its just not about the 500+ year old mummy, the beauty of the village is mesmerizing

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Gue Village is always in the itinerary of a Spiti traveler primarily because of 500+-year-old mummy and duly so, it is very captivating. While mummy attracts tourist, the traveler in me got attracted by the serenity of the village.

Nested in a remote location, almost 30km from Tabo, If you are coming from Reckong Peo than do consider it to cover before you head to Tabo, no point coming back again. Don’t miss the turn though, it is just after Sumdo-Gupi.

Gue Village is famous for the only Buddhist Mummy of a Monk. In 1975 an earthquake in northern India opened an old tomb containing the mummified body of monk Sangha Tenzin. In 2004, the local police excavated the tomb and removed the mummy. The mummy is remarkably well preserved, with skin intact and hair on his head. He died in the seated position, with a rope around the neck and thighs (an esoteric practice recorded in few Buddhist documents).

Located at ~ 12000ft from sea level, the village has around 220 residence and if you happen to visit the village in after, you will not see anyone. The road to the mummy crosses the through the village, a very narrow road but blooming flowers of different colors take all the attention.

The beauty of the village left an everlasting impact on my memory and the silence of village filled me with so many unheard voices. The moment you enter the village, you will observe absolute silence and lots of colors, its an orchestra of colors, a river flows right beside the village.

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