Guru and Shishya Parampara and its impact on Music!

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गुरुर्ब्ह्मरागरुुर्ववष्णुगरुुरदवेोमहश्वेरः। गुरुरेव परं र्ब्ह्म तस्तमै श्रीगरु वे िमः ॥१॥

Bookish knowledge had the capacity to get destroyed. Alexandria’s book library got destroyed in 300 BC due to which Greece and Rome had to suffer the loss of most of its written knowledge. But the Indian way of teaching: the guru shishya Parampara was a secure way of teaching and learning. In spite of tolerating the gusts in the field of performing art it is still attainable in the culture and the society.

There are several granthas that contain the records of Natya and Sangeet that have been possible because of guru shishya Parampara’s oral and verbal teaching and learning forms. Teaching music in Institutional form and Collective or for mass was a gift by the 20th century AD. Before the 20th century AD this system was almost not present anywhere in the country.

The Vedas are considered as the primitive source of Indian music. The Samved is totally dedicated to music. In ancient times, the singing of Richas of Samved helped in the creation of swaras. Later, many branches were established like, Kauthumeeya, Ranananiya and Jaiminiya which were some of the popular ones.10 They all had their own Guru Shishya Parampara. Shivmat, Brahmamat, Bharatmat, Hanumatmat they all had their own vision of their theories, art, and theatrics. For example, Dattil, Kohal, Matang, and Abhinavgupt were the followers of Bharatmat.

Ancient music tradition of Shuddha, Bhinna, Gaudi, Vesara of Prabandh-gan; Sadharani; Gaurahi, Dagur, Nauhar and Khadar Banis of Dhrupad; Gwalior, Agra, Jaipur, Kirana Gharanas all have evolved because of the characteristics of Guru shishya Parampara.

There is a variation in the level of authority that may be granted to the guru. The highest is that found in bhakti-yoga, and the lowest is in the pranayama forms of yoga such as the Sankara Saranam movement. Source:…/1851…/9/09_chapter1.pdf

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