He can read but can’t do interpretation, so what actually he does?

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Happy National Book Lovers Day!

In a letter to young kids, Alexander Chee writes;

” A book to me is like a friend, a shelter, advice, an argument with someone who cares enough to argue with me for a better answer than the one we both already have. Books aren’t just a door to another world — each book is part of a door to the whole world, a door that always has more behind it. Which is why I still can’t think of anything I’d rather do more than reading.”

Read books as much as you can from early days, I have missed reading but making an attempt now. In our younger days, all we thought was survival and getting a government job, noting to do with enrichment of the mind.

Shaurya is blessed, he is unlike me, primarily because he has the access, free mind and curiosity. If we are out there in a mall, a visit to a bookstore is must, not necessarily he will buy something but always keen to navigate, flip through the kid’s book section.

He can read but can’t do interpretation, so what actually he does. He would look at illustrations, pictorial representation of the story and create the story in his own mind. Do we know that story, no we don’t but for sure, he has created one. He would look at the pages with curiosity, flip them again and again, all in a certain way to ensure his story is getting completed. While he is doing this, he needs solitude, no disturbances. The Oxford book store in Mall of India gives him that space, kids section is in the last row and no one really visits that area.

His favourite collection is Diary of Wimpy Kids, he has the complete series, hasn’t read any but has ensured he has all of them. Someday we do hope that he will start reading stories until then we are happy with him browsing through illustrations.

Children in the spectrum can read, comprehend and narrate stories all we need to do is the focus, create the environment and focus on individual needs. We are trying, updates to follow through on our success or failure.

Expose your children to books, that’s the best gift you can give. Books will teach them what we don’t even know.

Would love to hear about the reading habits of your kids?

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