He Loves Movies, Doritos and Movie Credits

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While he may look asymmetrical to the rest of the world but his world is in perfect symmetry. Shaurya is crazing about movies, he may not watch it completely at times but the whole experience of watching a movie in a perfect setup is his ultimate happiness.

He would literally coax me to buy the ticket, open the app and ask to click on book tickets, needs to see ticket as well if I have really done it :). This is the first part of his planning, once that’s done, I have to order Dorritos, Cheese Popcorns, and Pepsi. He has to make the experience perfect, the movie is unwatchable unless he has Dorritos with Cheese dips on his lap. This is such a lovely phase of our life, looking at him and just wondering, if this is not happiness what else it would be, his little desires and our extreme euphoria.

While watching, we also need to be ready with our commentary on the movie scene which are funny, if that happens, he will chuckle. He won’t only see the movie, he wants to feel it and experience it. He can be impatient at times but very understandable, if the movie scenes are bad or of no interest to him, he would simply look around but would rarely disturb.

What happens in the last is the real fun, while everyone is preparing to leave, he will stay till the end, literally. All he wants to see is the end credits and that’s too special for him, we have never understood this part of his life, what we do know, those end credits will be written on his notebook once he is back home!

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