He loves the breeze & drizzle on his face

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I have been waiting to capture this moment, it such a pleasure to see him experience nature in the purest form. He won’t say a word but will lift his face, feel the small drops of water fall on his charming face and the breeze passing through, touching his innocence. There are feelings he can’t express but he is expressing everything, do we have the ear to listen and eyes to see? . At that moment, you can see the joy on his face, he is happy and delighted, he is contended at that moment.

His everyday life experience continues to delight us, so many unspoken words yet so many stories. Children on the autism spectrum can’t do one to one conversation, they find it amusing, probably little challenging, you will observe lack of eye contact. They can be perceived as rude, uninterested, or inattentive but that’s not the case. You need a lot of patience and real talent to talk to them, getting Shaurya’s attention is challenging but when he does that, it’s blissful.

Every child is special, they need special treatment and attention, don’t judge, get involved. Autism is real, accept and adopt.

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