His thoughts must be beautiful and captivating, time will reveal

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Shaurya has been coping well in the new school and probably better than the last one, I no longer have to deal with morning struggles, always happy to go to school. It may be the environment or the opportunity to play often, he has a flexible schedule, not expected to be in class for a full day. That physical movement must be driving the factor, his teachers appear to be gentle and kind to him.

A few days back we went Daryaganj for a stroll, it was humid and he got tired but yet loved the place. His inquisitiveness to look at books puzzled me, what is he looking at? Does he want to read or simply attracted toward illustration/visuals?

I don’t know the answer yet but what I do know is, he is always thinking and probably have far better thoughts than I might have. His world is full of imagination, hope we get to see those beautiful images one day !

Children with Autism are expected to follow a schedule, it’s like a life training, you mold them in a certain way to live and it may work but we haven’t done it. I don’t know it’s right or wrong but his schedules are quite flexible, he will do it when he wants to do it. Whom am I bother him these thoughts and imagination? Why should we train him in a certain way?

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