I am a sales man, I am here to sell but I will sell only what you will buy

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Everyone has issues with salesmen, the cold callers to be precise. This cold calling sale is primarily attributed to “sale everything to everyone”, and it is annoying hence often you see people shouting, they do often intrude into personal place.

This is an age-old battle, the love and hate relationship with salesman continues to be part of our life. Each one of us a need salesman, they complement how we look for things and what are we missing. The moment, a conversation changes from “please buy this” to “why you should buy”, dynamics change.

Last month, on a busy Monday, I got a cold call in a request mode, he asked for 5 min and as we all react, I said no but he insisted politely stating these 5 mins will benefit me and in response, I suggested to call the next day. He did and I again ignored, asked him to call on a weekend. 99% of the time, they don’t follow-up and that’s my way of getting away, I can never bang the phone unless someone is annoying.

To my surprise, he did call, reflected his commitment, had to entertain, as I loved the discipline. He was selling home loan which I wasn’t interested in but he continued to make me believe, it is in my benefit. Kept informing, you don’t have to buy just listen to the offer. I gave in and provided more information, in minutes he had basic information to give me a strong value proposition. He shared benefits of loan transfers and a series of other changes, with pros & cons.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” -Thomas Edison

I am sure he had an app or excel based calculator, he was ready with all the details in a few mins and showed hard savings to me on paper at least. Due to other reasons, I didn’t pursue but he was quick enough to seek another appointment after a month. I want to buy, he wants to sell, but he is selling me the value and not the product.

We all are selling something or other, the majority of us are selling our skillset to a prospective employer, what do you sell? the value or the product (skillset)?

Everyone is a customer and you can sell easily, understand the need or generate the need, the sale will happen automatically.

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