India is now a world leader in renewable energy and now producing the world’s cheapest solar power

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ith every passing day, the modern system is going back to Mother Nature to survive, to meets its requirements, industrialization will continue to play its role but the universe in its natural form has everything to offer.

This news yesterday was so satisfying on how we are claiming our beliefs and power of nature one by one by combing this strength with science and technology ( ).

Hinduism is all about worshipping land, water, earth, celestial system, and every living being, we have always believed in worshiping Mother Nature in different forms and shape because we know the strength lies there, we are merely her creature.

Sun 🌞 god has been the central focal point of our prayer and spiritually, we start praying to the rising sun for energy and pay our respect to when the sun goes down for everything we have, all our blessing and energies are from Sun.

“Linga Purana 17.3.13

The Radiance of Surya

The Surya is the source to which all the living beings owe their existence. All the deities derive their effulgence from Surya, who in
turn derives its own radiance from Lord Mahadev. Time is determined with the help of Surya’s movement. One can not even imagine the various units of time, like Kshana, muhurta day, night, fortnight, month, season, etc. without the existence of Surya. The Sun, which illuminates the whole world is nothing but the medium through which the almighty Rudra manifests himself.

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