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It pays to have patience with output but be aggressive with the efforts

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We have a small garden, though not good at maintaining but consistent in basic care. While the majority of plants are surviving for a couple of years, seasonal plants follow its course and few have been struggling. Our interest particularly has been on two pots, eggplant, and bonsai.

The eggplant was bought last year with 2 leaves and the bonsai is with us for the last 3 years, it was a gift. I have been observing their journey and it had been a disappointment so far. The eggplant showed no growth and had continued to live with 2 leaves and the bonsai had dried up, no signs of life at all. With the bonsai, it was our sheer laziness, we could have used the pot for a new plant but never bothered, we left it as is and occasionally the dead plant also got its share of water.

Having no expectations on their growth, this month we have seen a new leaf sprouting in eggplant and at least 50 leaves on bonsai, they are shinning green, the new lease of life. Our happiness can’t be expressed in words.


While we may be thinking its dead, the plants were dealing with huge commotion inside and maintaining a staunch silence outside, unfazed by what the gardener or the outside world thinks or does. The plants were sure, they battled with the commotion and now fruits are to be seen in the outside world.

Both the plants were aggressive to maintain their regular source of nourishment, at times on their own but had lots of patience for the outcome.


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