Joy of parenting is eternal bliss so is the in between emotional turmoil

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Parenting is difficult and yet enriching and all of us have our own way to manage it, absolutely no formula and that uniqueness is what drives the emotional bonding.

I am raising a child with autism and it’s such an eternal bliss, he is so pure that my heart melts with his very smile. He just started a new school and for first 2 days, teachers kept him only for 2 hours to check his adaptability in new environment and on third day, he is fit for full day routine and I am jumping with joy. He is into special school and I hope, with our and school help, he will be nurtured well.

See him grow up is so satisfying, his smiles are full of life, his jokes are meaningless for a thinking mind but for us, it’s a laughter of lifetime.

Raising an autistic child can troublesome but with little support and guidance, family and social bonding, it looks better. He is special in so many ways, he is our heart and soul. We have our emotional turmoil but it’s enriching, it’s strengthening, it’s makes us more powerful.

He is our guide, he is our path!

Do share, parents raising autistic child need care and support.

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