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Kunzum Pass, travellers must stop and pray for safety

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Located at 4,590 m or 15,060 is a high mountain pass on the eastern Kunzum Range of the Himalayas some 122 km (76 mi) from Manali and approx 20 in from Kaza. We took the road from Kaza to Kunzum pass.

The drivers, travelers and passerby seeks blessings of Kunzum mata before undertaking the dangerous journey, road to Kunzum pass is indeed treacherous, lots of hair pins and gorges which can scare you like hell. Travelling to the pass from either side requires blessing of goddess.

It’s also said if you manage to stick a coin on the temple wall, your wishes will be true, you get instant result on your wish and I wasn’t tough enough to try it.

On a clear sky day, Kunzum Pass offers spectacular views of Bara-Sigri, the second longest glacier in the world. Also visible from the top of the pass are the Chandra-Bhaga mountain and Spiti.

In a series of travelogue, my travel partner RougePouts has covered our whole Spiti Trip in as detailed as possible. Do read, watch the vblog and let us know of any help required.

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