Mother India loves us but do we really love her back with the same intensity and care

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Hypocrisy is out inbuilt trait, expressing love for mother India, displaying is the easiest act of this out inbuilt nature. Today is 15 aug and I will carry big flags on bike and car, unfurl it on the balcony and thus become of a true patriot. I am going to shout at Happy Independence Day at the pick of highest decibel possible.

I was looking at pre-independence day euphoria yesterday, flags being sold in abundance which is great but action after that was disturbing. Huge flags being carried on bikes and no one is wearing a helmet, the height of the flag in incomplete proportion thus risking rider and pillion along with so many other motorists around.

When we throw that plastic bottle from our car, I am sure mother India is feeling loved, do we really understand the implications? Does Mother India like it?

For us to truly to deserve the love of a mother India, we need to become a good son. Am I the good son, not really but I am putting efforts to be one.

The Bharat Mata Temple:

This temple is situated in the Kashi Vidyapeeth Campus and is one of its kind. This temple is not dedicated to any deity but to the human manifestation of India popularly called Mother India or Bharat Mata in Hindi. And this temple even not houses the statue or bust of Bharat Mata; instead it has a very big relief map of India carved out of marble.

The temple was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi. The map is said to be in scale both longitude as well as latitude wise. The map has been carved out of white marble bought out of Makrana. The construction of temple is unique in itself. It stands on 5 distinct pillars that converse in to one at the top. The five pillars signify the 5 basic elements of creation namely earth, wind, fire, water and sky.

More interesting information about the temple :

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