Photo Story – Six Hours on the Streets of New York

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During one of the recent trips, I had my connecting flight from Newark airport to Delhi was at 10 PM and l landed around 9 AM so with almost 12 hrs to use, I took a walk on the streets of NYC.

It took a while for me figure how to get it done, with lots of effort from fellow colleagues, everything was put in place, just in time.

My airline wont take baggage before six hours of check-in and I couldn’t imagine carrying it outside the airport and roam through the streets with the heavy luggae, would have been nightmare/punishment.

After enquiring few fellow passenger and airport staff, saw the light end of tunnel literally. At the Newark airport, between baggage conveyers, a private service provider keeps your luggage at a cost, it was make a shift arrangement but this was enough for me. Finally, I got rid of my luggage.

This whole process took couple of hours but I was happy, NYC was finally going to happen. We booked our train tickets from the airport directly to NYC, rest is all fun!

Feel free to leave your comment, ask question on specifics, happy to answer.

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Watch the experience on YouTube, I have captured more stories and drama 🙂

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