Saurav Ganguly: You are my Kaptan, rest all are Captain

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Both means the same but why Kaptan is special ? And I mean no disrespect to Dhoni or Kohli, I am their big fan but Dada was special. Captain word helps you relate with someone who’s the leader, has proven expertise, will coach the team for excellence, be precise and above being glory to the team along with team mates but Dada was special.

I was graduate and headed towards metro for a job when Dada was Kaptan and when you look back at that period, you would see the dot com bubble bust, there was despair all along amongst average students like me. The fear of joblessness and no career in sight was looming, majority just wanted to get out of country, US migration was crazy in that period.

And came the Kaptan, picking up turbulent team after match fixing saga, he had enormous job to do, not only restricted to managing team but giving hope, resilience and shaping a new team.

Kaptan was rebellious, different from the league of captains India had before, he had India his heart and sleeves, ready to showcase what the Indian team means, that aggression was unmatched. He had given a a hope, an non nonsense team, perform or perish but be bold, take it head on. I carried that hope and so did million others.

Kaptan word is very earthy, very special, it just connects to Bharat, a Bharat we are proud of. Saurav was my Kaptan!

This image is embedded in our minds, our cricket changed from here onwards.

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