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Someone needs to save Hinduism from Hyper Hindus

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This Zomato issue has truly baffled me, have we become a cry baby, net picking on everything around us, Someone needs to save Hinduism from Hyper Hindus.

Hinduism does not need protection from a delivery boy and no, you can’t deny a service basis cast, creed or ethnicity. When the nation is looking for job employment and raising people above the poverty line, we have apprehension on the religion of a delivery boy. Would you do the same if someone is about to kill you, has a gun pointed, would you seek a cop from your religion to protect you?

This hyper-nationalism and pseudo-secularism is creating chaos and must be disseminated with sane voices. Action from the past can’t define our future but what we can do in the present will define us. Hinduism and our belief system are not threatened by a delivery boy if its, then you have not understood Hinduism. 

Although it’s a different topic on how Zomato responded, these issues should have been handled with far more maturity then they did but everyone wants to look cool and a score a point.

The systematic erosion of our culture and tradition by invaders and rulers on Hinduism is largely attributed by brute force and consistent attack on our ideology.  We were made to believe, we are a country of villages, snake charmers and uncivilized in our order. What we couldn’t do, was stand tall, take Vedas in our hand and make a statement, you are way too small to decimate the Hindu, you can’t destroy me, this is all where it started and this is where it will end. 

We must continue to fight the ideology and not a delivery boy with a different religion.  O, Hindu…rise, rise till the sky is not limit but not against people but ideology. Go back where it all started, find your roots, learn from our past mistakes, let us find our inner conscience.  Hindu dharma is above religion!

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