A Sumptuous Breakfast on a Sultry Morning, Gohana Famous Jalebi

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That Gohana Jalebi outlet was on my radar from quite some time now, it was just waiting for the right day and it happened today.

Stepping out of the home on weekend is taxing for me and that too in morning, I want my weekends to be lazy but today was different, I had to step out because of personal reasons. On my return, my breakfast hunger carried on and I ended up driving towards Gohna Jalebi outlet. The plan had that big jalebi and that would enough till lunch but food gods were out there to make it difficult for me. The outlet was also serving pure Desi Ghee Poorie and Subzee, I was done and dusted, surrendered before the all mighty.

Poorie & Subzee is only served on Saturday and Sundays, I was lucky to land up on a weekend. Without much ado, it was ordered. It took 5-7 min for my food to arrive and I took 1 min to finish it off, just loved it. Served warm, the soulful vapor coming out of poorie looked like as it was waiting for me to be released through eternity.

I did justice to Poorie & Subzee, finished it till the last ounce left and put the plate and stomach to rest. It wasn’t really possible to escape Jalebi, after contemplating and reminding again that the whole purpose was Jalebi and I can’t ignore it. Had a quick chat with stomach and we were ready for Jalebee, off course the big Jalebee wasn’t possible, we settled with 2 pieces hot dripping Jalebee’s. This was special morning, the Gohna Jalebee is all its worth but you definitely have to have an appetite for it, it’s almost a sweet attack from all corners in your mouth.

Location: Rodeo Drive, Sector 50, Gurgaon

I don’t know how many calories or extra calories I had but it was all worth, I couldn’t have missed it for long.

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