Sushma Swaraj, standing tall amongst the political giants of that era

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Sushma Swaraj passed away yesterday, India has lost an outstanding leader, she did not only touch the hearts of people in India but across the world. She has been a motherly figure for so many and truly so, she was mother, the savior for many in distress.

I haven’t known her personally but in our growing years, formation and understanding of the political landscape of India, she along with Atal Bihar Vajpayee have shaped my thoughts. I have fondly followed her speeches and would truly derive positivity and inspiration from it. Her speech on she is secular is embedded in my thoughts forever. She was a fine orator and intellectual in her own, standing tall amongst the political giants of that era.

Om Shanti Om, you will be forever in our memory.

When a woman takes center stage, the world looks different, this image is extremely powerful from all the aspects. It does not belittle anyone yet shows the strength of women, she stands out.

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