The Namaskar from Virat was special

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I looked at this image and image for Virat Kohli increased multifold, that namaskar has so much purity. The lady here is 87-year-old Indian cricket fan and was all over social media in the recently concluded India Bangladesh match.

The is simple gesture of Namaskar has a true reflection of showing respect, his hands folded and bowed down truly means the respect he is demonstrating to the old lady and that’s what Hinduism is all about, love and respect everyone.

Namaskar‘ is a Sanskrit word which is derived from another Sanskrit word ‘Namaha’, which means paying obeisance. In Sanskrit when Namah is combined with te, we get ‘namaste’ which meanes ‘I bow to you’ or ‘my greetings and saluatations to you’. ‘Namah’ can literally be interpreted as ‘na-ma’ or ‘not me’ – I have no ego before you.

While doing namaskar, one thinks, “You are superior to me ‘I’ am the subordinate one. I do not know anything, You are the omniscient”. This helps in reducing one’s ego and increasing his humility. By doing the namaskar mudra,a greater level of Divine consciousness is absorbed into the body.

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