The new age of misguided secularism

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Stumbled on this video, the lady in question dishes Hinduism and it’s traditions, while patronizing Islam as a real liberating society, these comparisons are sickening.

While you may have your preferences and religious believes to follow and this is absolutely fine, what compulsion do you get to insult Hinduism 🕉. The basic tenant of success is hard work and for the limelight, calling Hinduism a regressive religion looks like a short cut, new fad. Hindus across ages have shown patience and virtue when attacked and it will continue to be but the reciprocatory responses must be given, within the dharma.

I have no interest in looking at the context on why she said this but blatantly its a false pretext of secularism and this termite is invested heavily in the new generation. You don’t become secular by insulting Hinduism, you become one by following your own way and not coming in between the beliefs of people.

The lady should probably start learning more about Hinduism right from the Vedas, whilst few, women in the Vedic period and even today enjoy the freedom that probably no other belief system can offer. What really makes it’s difficult, is the individual characters who make it look patriarchal society, Hinduism philosophy never preached it.

@iratrivedi says #Hindu Religion is worst religion as it’s patriarchal & we need to bring #MaritalLaw even at the Risk of sacrificing MEN— Suresh AV (@Gameof498A) September 13, 2017

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