The Paper Money fron Kashmir had the Sun motif of the Dogra family

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Paper Money in Kashmir was issued sometime in 1877 in the reign of Maharaja Ranbir Singh on watermarked paper. The notes were not very popular and were in circulation for a very short period. The notes carried the ‘Sun’ motif of the Dogra family.

The calendar systems used on these notes for the date was Vikram Samvat and months were taken from the Saka Samvat.

The central panel carries the inscription in Nagari: “Shrikar”; the two panels on both sides of the sun contain numbers: and the three circles on the left and on the right centers carry the numeral value in Persian, Nagari and Dogri. All these panels and circles are coloured in pale gold and the rest in black

The Dogri inscription immediately below the central panel reads “Jammu and Kashmir.” The vertical tables to its right and left provide the denominations in Nagari and Persian scripts. At the center below, there is a handstruck black seal in Persian, reading: Muhr Shrikar Qilimrau Jammun, being the “Land Revenue Seal of the Dominion of Jammu.


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