Thekuaa, Khajoor and Bhoriyaa Ghaat

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Another year and I missed it. to be true to self, I miss the hustle bustle of the chat festival more than the religious significance part of it. I don’t like waking up in the morning and perhaps, I will be the last person to wake up on earth, doesn’t matter if it’s Armageddon but I always loved waking up for the भोरिया घाट !

There is a certain excitement of छठ  festival for me primarily because the festivities get elongated, nothing can beat the joy of having a festival going on for 10 days.  Three days pre Diwali and 6 days post-Diwali.  Chath is indeed unique and certainly one of its kind and my memories go back to my childhood, it still has the earthen feeling sans few design changes. 


I remember wearing new clothes, bursting saved crackers from Diwali and taking that big basket on my head, bare feet to River Gandak.  In my childhood, I used to live in the Railway Quarter of Samastipur and the river was ~ 1.5 km from the colony.  The walk was painful but very enjoyable, imagine the whole society conglomerating on the banks of River Gandak and everyone walking with that big basket on their head. It’s some movement and I am sure it still looks the same in Samastipur.

In a few years to come, I am going to relive this memory and go back to the place where you really see the छठ in full glory but I never missed eating  ख़ज़ूर and ठेकुआ . I mean, it will be insane not to eat just after the prayers, I have missed 3 years in a row, never again.

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