Where do you see yourself in next 5 years ?

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We all are guilty of asking this question in the interview process and this not a magical question, it’s a filler while you asses and analyze the candidature.

Ok, so you don’t enough, perfect, may it’s just me, I use these filler questions just to continue the conversation, with all surety the response will not have any positive impact, nor negative as well.

Where do we stand now, can I think about asking, or may can I think of 5 years ahead. With the recent development of COVID-19, it’s just in time reminder that absolutely none of us any clue of what’s going to happen.

No pundit, scientists, pulmonologist, or astrologer predicted this and if they are claiming, they are bluffing.

This is a timely reminder, a message from high ups, live for today. We will have to revisit our long term planning, ascertain what can be achieved today. Probably, get into 10*10 planning.

What 10 things I can do get the acceleration of 10 times to reach 100%, of course, it’s not a race, can I spend an hour with self daily, can I spend 2 hours daily with our loved ones? It all comes down to what we today, the future is future, present is the only option to live.

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