Where is the value ?

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Often, we struggle to find a value in any project or effort we put, the truth is; you need time & patience to get to the value. The process to go through a layers of churn, to find the value will result into each process layers revealing its own value.

We don’t have try till eternity and wait for layers to get removed, stay on the course, “A Value” can be converted to “The Value”.

A team was were working on a data analysis to find the value, what should change and what does it tells us. From the magnanimous, pile of data and at times, incorrect  data, you don’t get the outcome quickly.

Segregate the data in logical segment, read each segment clarify, either you get the value or awareness of the environment to get to the value. The path to reach the value is rewarding as we look at all segments.

In the due course of time you keep looking at each logical segment of the data and each of these will return the value.  Value lies in layers of identification, understanding and putting it into context.  

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