Why the effort to be different, when you can just be self effortlessly

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We are dealing with a problem which should never have existed, a growing trend to be different, stand out, being called out, looking amazing in comparison to others, and probably be an exception to everything.

Why do we want to be different, we are naturally different by our origin, our purpose, our destiny is different from others. The harder we try to be different from others, the more likely we become one of them because we will lose our uniqueness.

The other day, I was speaking to a good old friend, we rarely talk but when we do, its pleasure. While the conversation was joyful & light-hearted, he went on to share his ambition to be a great writer, he was chasing a dream and I was pleased to know of his aspiration, hoping that I would also someday know a popular author.

The conversation went ahead and I could sense dissatisfaction in his voice, his struggle, and the challenges of writing a book, as he wanted to succeed at any cost, to be the next big name in the literary world.

I had to break the conversation, it was supposed to be light, we reflected on our memories and I inquired about his sketching world. He could draw anything out of blue, spontaneously. Quite unfortunate that he gave his natural art for a dream to become a writer and absolutely nothing wrong in chasing a dream

This was not the right time to remind him or throw my unwanted knowledge and become a forced life coach, friendship is only friendship.
I do have plans to remind him though, not to give up on his dream but remind him of his sketching, I won’t be at ease if I didn’t.

There is no effort to be what you are, it naturally comes through and can do amazing things with your natural talent.

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