Will it be Purple or Yellow?

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Waking up a child on the autism spectrum can be difficult, they have very unique sleep pattern and I know it’s quite normal with all kids these days. He doesn’t like to sleep till late night and somewhere our schedule is also at fault.

Either way, we concluded our first week of schooling and with god’s grace, he went to school everyday, waking up at 630 can be extremely challenging for me as well but he has managed it.

So what’s driving it, what wake him up?

It’s the color of uniform and I can’t be thankful enough to school for an adopting uniform in 2 colors, he has a yellow and purple T-shirt and the sheer excitement of which color T-shirt he will wear today wakes him up 🙂 . I offer and he makes the choice, 2 days purple and 3 days yellow it has been. I am sure this happens with al lot of kids as well.

So, do you know what does science say about the color choice of autistic kids ;

“When mean rank of preference was computed in each of the ASD( autism spectrum disorder ) and TD (typical developing) groups with regard to each color, it was found that boys with ASD were significantly less likely than TD boys to prefer yellow and more likely than TD boys to prefer green and brown colors. These results appear to be caused by a hyper-sensation characteristic of ASD, due to which boys with this disorder perceive yellow as being sensory-overloading. “ ( Source: )

Hey, but he is proving the research wrong, he loves yellow 🙂

Pic: This is his first day!

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